Congress 2020

Dear Fellow Epidemiologists,

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the 18th Annual SASVEPM Congress will be held at the Forever Resort Warmbaths, in Bela-Bela Limpopo from 19-21 August 2020.  

The congress will be held under the theme “Creative animal health solutions for sustainable economic growth”.   
Our region is currently facing diseases challenges, which has led us to rethink the way disease surveillance and control has been conducted in the past half a century or so. Epidemiologically sound disease surveillance and control methods that used to suffice have now become null and void. Why? Pathogens seem to be a step ahead of us in their adaptive means. The current corona virus outbreak in Asia is a classic example. Locally Foot and Mouth Disease and African Swine Fever are good examples that diseases neither read books nor respect borders/zones.
Land use and farming practices coupled with climate change have been drifting over the years yet our approach to disease control has remained the same, relatively.
To stay abreast, we need new cutting-edge insights and innovative methods for the control of challenging trade sensitive transboundary, endemic, emerging and re-emerging animal diseases that we are faced with in Southern Africa. Therefore, our focal point this year is innovative methods and solutions for sustained disease control in a One Health approach for economic stability and growth. We are looking forward to your abstract submissions in the same ballpark with this year’s theme.
SASVEPM 2020 is honoured to have Professor Mark Rweyemamu (Executive Director, SACIDS Foundation for One Health) who is a One Health and surveillance  economics guru, Professor Folorunso Oludayo Fasina (Country Team Leader, ECTAD-FAO) a transboundary animal diseases wunderkind and Professor Mary-Louise Penrith (Extraordinary Professor, University of Pretoria), a renowned biosecurity and biosafety expert as our guest speakers.

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We look forward to providing the opportunity for participants to share, discuss and debate research findings in the Bread and Fruit Basket of South Africa, Limpopo Province.

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